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Monday, March 19, 2007

FroYo: Part II

When we last left off, our fearless foodite (me) was attempting to find out if the hype over the new wave of frozen yogurt shops was actually worth anything. In Part I of this adventure, the answer was a resounding "NO!" Pinkberry turned out to be a huge disappointment.

I was almost ready to give up on this and not try Yolato as I had planned. But, I decided to go for it and I'm happy that I did. I made a small detour on my route and stopped by their Broadway outpost on the Upper Westside. They have an assortment of yolato (a blend of yogurt/gelato) flavors. To keep the comparison similar, I chose to get the yogurt flavor. It is served like traditional gelato, using a paddle and given with a tiny spoon. As opposed to my experience yesterday, this was delightful. It had a mouthfeel similar to ice cream, though not as fatty. I loved the tang of the yogurt flavor. I wonder if all the flavors have that slight tang. I would definitely go back (and someone can join me...I got a two for one coupon - any takers?). It's not cheap, at $4.00 for a regular. And I think it has more calories than Pinkberry and Tasti-D, but still less than ice cream.

Now I just have to wait for Red Mango to start opening up here.... If that does happen, hopefully it will be during the summer. I can't take eating this stuff when there is still snow on the ground.

2286 Broadway (at 82nd Street)
New York, NY
(another location in the West Village and more coming soon)


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