A Couple of Tarts

We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink, for dining alone is leading the life of a lion or wolf. ~ Epicurus

Friday, August 25, 2006

La folie pour les mures

Dave had his first class at UNC yesterday. Is it back-to school time already? Ce n'est pas possible! I look forward to the crisp, fall days, yet I am not ready to say good-bye to the summer fruits. I allowed cherries to come and go without a pie or tart in sight. Now I am in a mad dash to take advantage of the berries before they disappear. Is it possible that the seasons are growing shorter with each passing year? Whatever baie is your favorite, it will be perfectly complemented by a touch of lemon and a nice dollop of cream. It can be a simple creme chantilly or creme fraiche, marscapone, clotted cream...The citrus will bring out the bright cheerfulness of the flavor and the cream will balance out the natural acidity.

Lately, I have been feeling homesick and find myself craving the blackberry. It is the first fruit I can recall eating. Up until the age of four, my family lived in a quaint, Upstate New York neighborhood where the blackberries grew wild. I remember eating them unadorned and was surprised by the tart flavor and appealing texture. Shouldn't there be more dishes made with blackberries? I decided to do a some research about this mysterious fruit(which is actually not a berry at all). To my delight, it is part of the Rubus family which is a nickname for ma puce. According to Wikipedia, if you pick them after September 15th they are cursed because the devil has claimed them. Je vois, elles m'envoutent.


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