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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bouchon Bakery...finally

Way back when the Time Warner Center first opened, I heard that Bouchon Bakery was going to be one of the foodie destinations within this ginormous structure. Every time I was in the neighborhood or grocery shopping at Whole Foods, I would take a look and see if it had opened yet. And each time I checked, it was still "coming soon." Then, one day, I walked by its space and there before me were cases filled with beautiful pastries and cookies. I stepped up to the counter and began to make my selection when...I was told that they hadn't "officially" opened. Apparently, everything in the case was for display and was going to be used later for an event. To be honest, I was a little annoyed and so did not make an effort to go back. I mean, who fills their cases with food just to say, sorry, we're not actually selling it?

But last week I was out and about with S. and she suggested after a leisurely afternoon in Central Park, ending out day with coffee and a pastry from there. I grudgingly agreed. (Okay, not really grudgingly.) Chocoholic that she is, S. tried their TKO cookie. An indulgent take on the Oreo, it was a crumbly chocolate wafer cookie with a creamy sweet filling. Very rich. I had to get one of their macaroon. I chose a seasonal flavor, jasmine tea. I enjoyed its crispy surface and chewy inside, but did not get any jasmine flavor. Maybe my palette is not refined enough. (If you love macaroons, then you have to read The Girl Who Ate Everything's search for the perfect specimen in NYC.) I would go back and try their other offerings, but the prices are a little steep. At least I was finally able to check it out.

Bouchon Bakery
Time Warner Center
Third Floor
10 Columbus Circle
New York
(212) 823-9366


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