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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom (one day early!)

To say that my mother is an excellent cook is an understatement. She is the best. Everytime Dave and I visit my parent's home, Dave will ask "Can we make this at home?" My pathetic answer is "Um, sure." Deep down we both know I am lying. Despite my professional status, I am unable to duplicate the dishes of my childhood. I try to recreate the dishes from memory because no recipe is ever written down. One day, my sister and I had my mother do a demo of her noodles. We hovered over her shoulder with a pad and pen jotting down every gesture and movement. This technique only provided a mediocre result.

I know that I won't find the same aromas or flavors in a restaurant. So I feel compelled to perfect as many recipes as I can. Lately, I have been experimenting with my mother's pickled cucumbers. I can remember being as young as 3 and waiting impatiently for them to be prepared. It seems simple enough. Thinly slice a cucumber, add salt, vinegar, worchester sauce, soy, and a pinch of sugar. They come out differently each time, which is actually quite nice. The taste is not quite the same but perhaps one day...



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