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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Coffee and a Pastry

I have come to believe that it is surprisingly hard to find good cafes, ones without table service, in New York City. Do you know what I'm talking about? Sometimes I just want to go into a place, get a cup of coffee at the counter, be tempted by the bakery case, and then sit down and watch the world go, or read my book, or write a letter, while sipping my drink and nibbling on a cookie or muffin. Unfortunately, usually the closest thing around is a Starbucks. My friends know my feelings about Starbucks--I try to avoid them at all costs. So when I do run across a cafe that meets my criteria, I put it on my mental map of the city with a big star. RFC recently introduced me to Ciao for Now in the East Village (where I think your chances of finding a cafe are generally pretty high). We stopped in for breakfast and I got to try a few of their offerings. The bacon cheddar biscuit was buttery, with just the right amounts of cheese and bacon. The apple turnover had a thin, flaky crust with a good amount of filling. I also tried a muffin that I can't remember of the name of, but it was filled with nuts and fruit and tasted almost like carrot cake. They also carry a number of vegan pastries and you can get salads and sandwiches. Recently I stopped in for an iced tea and sat outside on the rocking bench. The place has a great neighborhood feel, with people coming by and saying hello to others who were hanging around. If you are in the neighborhood, definitely stop by and try this place out.

Ciao for Now
504 East 12th Street
East Village
New York, New York
(212) 677-2616


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