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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Two Tarts Together Soon

This weekend Tart #1, Dora, will be back in NYC for three days of fun, food, and lots of just plain hanging out. I can't wait! I hear she has quite a To Do list which includes, of course, a number of places to eat. It looks like three meals a day may not be enough. I know one restaurant on the list is Blue Ribbon, a place I have heard much about but have never been to. There will definitely be a full report from both of us. It has been raining all morning...I hope the sun is back by Friday as I think a walk through Central Park may be in order (have to work off all those meals, you know!).

If the the weather actually does clear up today, I was hoping to make my way to the Union Square Greenmarket. I heard that rhubarb is finally in season and I realized I have not made a pie since Thanksgiving, ack! I've seen nice strawberries around and if I can find some decent red rhubarb, well, the pie practically makes itself. There are so many other pies I want to make as well, but I feel like I have to officially start this pie making season with strawberry-rhubarb or it just wouldn't be right. And having moved into my new apartment, this will be a way for me to test out my oven. RFC will be coming by to see my place, and then Dora, so it will also be a tasty way to welcome my first guests into my apartment. (S. was technically my first guest, but she only saw the apartment filled with still-packed boxes...I will have to have her over again soon for a proper visit!)



Anonymous ryespy said...

I am very excited to to taste your rhubarb pie. This will be my second first this week; s'mores being the first first of the week. Can't wait to visit your new home!

6:41 PM  
Blogger A Couple of Tarts said...

You are in luck! I found some nice, red rhubarb today and the pie dough is made...strawberries are the only thing left to get.

11:38 PM  

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