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We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink, for dining alone is leading the life of a lion or wolf. ~ Epicurus

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Catching Up

Has it really been a month since we have updated this site! Tsk, tsk. In our defense, we have been distracted (in a good way) with other matters. RFC and I got a new addition to our little family in the form of a stray kitten. We named her Shea, after Shea Stadium, because we ran across her only because of last minute Mets tickets. She's a handful, but a welcome member.

My real excuse for not writing in an embarrassingly long time is that grad school has finally come to a close. All papers and projects have been wrapped up. All that's left is the actual graduation. But that's not to say I haven't been out and about exploring and eating well. We checked out the Cherry Blossom Festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden a few weeks ago. What a slice of heaven in the big city. I am sure there is much more in bloom these days so make sure to get over there.

I also stopped by a great falafel spot in the West Village. Taim has a few different types of falafel, like green olive and red pepper. Plus they have a great pita sandwich, sabich, which is
stuffed with fried eggplant and hardboiled egg. I hear the smoothies are also quite tasty.

Googly-eyed Falafel

So! More to come, I promise. I now have much more free time with no papers hanging over my head. Plus the 'rents are in town (first trip to NYC ever) so there will be lots of good eating in the next week.

NYC Tart

222 Waverly Place
West Village, New York
(212) 691-1287

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