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Saturday, November 18, 2006

quelle belle saison

I am also guilty of neglecting my post writing and secretly hoping Miss K. would fill the void. I guess she has been busy with nefarious activities.....

Are you ready for the holiday season? Each year, it seems to appear out of nowhere and the stress of travel, gift giving and establishing tradition consumes you for a month or so. Every year, I try to simplify the process, but somehow I end up doing the opposite. We place so much effort on the expectation, so I propose we simply enjoy this time with our family and friends. Food and wine certainly helps in this task. The fondest memories I have of Thanksgiving have been the untraditional ones. One year, in San Francisco, my friend gathered 30 or so friends for a virtual feast. Everyone was instructed to bring their own version of cranberry sauce, stuffing et al, thankfully no green bean casserole made an appearance. The result was a lovely experience where everyone contributed and the atmosphere was relaxed.

This year I will not make the mistake of trying to cook an entire Thanksgiving dinner. Although the gathering will be small, only 4 of us, the work has been evenly distributed. I am in charge of les legumes et les desserts. Although turkey is not on the menu, I fell a need to make some Thanksgiving inspired sweets. I have successfully overcome my pie phobia, and with Dorie Greenspan as inspiration, a pumpkin-pecan pie is in order. Je crois qu'elle est la panachee. Check out this month's Saveur for this delightful dessert that combines two holiday favorites. Also, not to be missed, an article written by the late R. W. Apple .

P.S. I hope to never outgrow A Charlie Brown Thankgiving


Blogger A Couple of Tarts said...

I have always thought that toast, jelly beans and popcorn made a enviable Thanksgiving meal.
NYC Tart

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